1998, A-1 moved into their present location at 706 Oaklane Drive. To date this location contains:
7 acres of operation; located atop a hill in the heart of town
1200 square feet of office space, arranged into 6 departmental divisions
625 square feet of class training room
46,500 square feet of total warehouse storage space
4 buildings all with 14’ wall and 20’ ceiling height
Vaulted and palletized storage (Capacity avg.—1.2 million pounds of household goods storage)
6 stationary loading docks (auto loading capability) 1 mechanical loading dock
5 local / short haul tractors
5 local / short haul strait trucks
17 in use semi trailers & tractors
30 retired semi trailers used for on-site storage rentals
18 land-sea containers used for on-site on-ground storage rentals
4 indoor, 5000 lb., three stage forklifts
1 outdoor, 5000 lb., forklift
1 man lift for document storage
Pallet dollies, safe moving equipment, stair crawler and other various household and office moving equipment.