Is there anything that I can’t have moved?

Plants and pets, for obvious reasons, can’t be loaded on the truck. There are several household items that are considered hazardous materials and cannot be moved with your other belongings. These include aerosols, gas cans, paints, varnish, corrosives, batteries, matches, nail polish and remover, ammunition, explosives, cleaning fluids and detergents. Please consult your moving counselor if you think you have anything else that may not be safe to transport on the truck.
Can I pack anything in the drawers of my dresser or desk?

All loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent damage during transport. Non-fragile, light-weight items such as clothing and linens can be left in dresser drawers. Some Antique Furniture may not be structurally sound and there fore should be moved without contents.
What should I do to prepare to move my waterbed?

Waterbeds need to be drained completely. Fiber-filled waterbeds need to be professionally vacuum-drained in advance of your move date. Your moving counselor (If available in your area) can refer you to a professional to perform these services.
Should anything be done to my appliances to prepare them for the move?

Appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators must be disconnected, and the washer must have a stabilizer installed. Again, your moving counselor can refer you to an appropriate professional to perform these services.